[English version below] Neuer Dokumentarfilm über die Sad Girls, eine feministische Mädchengang, das fernab in den Bergen Pornos produziert. Uns sind die kontroversen Diskussionen um diesen Film bewusst. Die Sad Girls selbst hassen die Doku – eigentlich erwartbar. Wir empfehlen trotzdem: Eigene Meinung bilden, unbedingt anschauen! DATE TIME PLACE 27.10.2019 20:3020:4521:00 Pornfilmfestival BerlinMoviemento Kino Berlin 31.10.2019 21:30 Moviemento Kino Berlin 01.11.2019 22:00 Moviemento Kino Berlin 02.11.2019 22:00 Moviemento Kino Berlin 03.11.2019 22:00 Moviemento Kino Berlin 14.11.2019 21:00 Fringe! Queer Film Fest London 04.11.2019 22:00 Moviemento Kino Berlin 30.11.2019 Pimmel Porn Protest Linz Darum geht’s: Ein Clan von vier jungen Mädchen …


Throwback to April when we were in Italy for the 48H project of Hacker Pornfilmfestival Rome. The job: Create one badass short film within two days! So director Doxytocine wrote a story placed in Ancient Rome, where the so-called Bacchus cult threatened the wealth of the state with their infamous orgies of wine, blood and frenzy. For one day, we recreated this cult. Luckily, we could use the old walls of Forte Prenestino, a large Roman squat and social centre. The following day consisted of: editing, editing, editing. We were working in shifts until the very last second, until we …

Workshop “Porno & Feminismus”
@Naturfreundejugend Berlin

Müssen sich Schmuddelfilme und Feminismus ausschließen oder können viel voneinander lernen? Wir wollen mit euch die feministische Pornografie-Debatte nachvollziehen, verschiedene Perspektiven beleuchten und neueste Entwicklungen wie Authentizitätsgebot und Ethical Porn unter die Lupe nehmen. Dienstag | 4. Dezember 2018 | mit Doxytocine und Finn Peaks Download Powerpoint-Folien [PDF] Download Powerpoint-Folien [ODP]


Pornfilmfestival Berlin 2018 is over! Again, it was the hottest time of the year. We presented our smoking fetish film INTOXICATE YOURSELF as well as the necrophiliac short PIEDAD which we produced together with MinusIsValido. And we did a panel talk about questions of ethics and economics in porn. It’s critical self-reflection of our own work at Meow Meow. Also, we discuss current trends like “ethical porn” or #payforyourporn. You missed the event? Here’s your chance to watch it online instead: Overview 00′ – Introduction 06′ – “Ethical porn” – a critical perspective (by Theo Meow) 28′ – Why authenticity …


Hey friends, we will come up with a new short film soon. It got accepted at Pornfilmfestival Berlin 2018, so you need to wait until October to see it. However, here are some delicious behind-the-scenes shots for you.   You probably know already how much we are into smoke. “There is no such thing as too much smoke”, as we like to say on set. So we decided it’s time to make a short film about our passion for contemplation, frenzy and smoke rings. French poet Charles Baudelaire was convinced: “You must always intoxicate yourself! With wine, poetry, art – …


*spir@lena* crushed her leg while masturbating. Now she is forced to stay in bed, together with a nasty knee orthosis called Otto Bock. It drives you crazy! Luckily, the mobile nursing service drops by and cheers her up – with a bed-pan, dried plums and aphrodisiacal injections… Psycho-porn in a sick & sexy style! Please lick CC to activate English subtitles.  

Oh, and thank you, Rome, too!

Happy to win the NO BORDER NO GENDER AWARD at HACKER PORN FILM FESTIVAL ROME for the new film PIEDAD by the MinusIsValido crew and Meow Meow! The jury statement is simply wonderful: “A short that demolishes and resets the boundaries of decency and morality. Non-binary bodies, impossible to classify, in a trash and post-apocalyptic atmosphere, express in a desecrating way care and respect towards the desire, beyond the borders of gender and life.”

Thank you, Toronto!

Flattered to hear that PIEDAD by MinusIsValido and the Meow Meow crew won as “BEST COMEDIC FILM” at Toronto International Porn Festival 2018! We share the price with another amazing movie, “Furniture Porn Project”. Prosecco, anyone? 🍾