Sad but true: We won the award for the BEST NARRATIVE FEATURE for our movie THE SAD GIRLS OF THE MOUNTAINS at Pornfilmfestival 2019! Shine bright like a porn award 💎

“From all the movies we saw, there was ONE that left the biggest impression on us. It’s a movie that stands out through its originality, metaness, clever humor, and timely political commentary. Through its marketing, the filmmakers created characters that go beyond the screen. On top of all that, the movie does not only talk about sex work, but was also financed through sex work.” (Jury statement)

Trying to look as depressed as possible. It’s a sad movie, after all.

So thanks a lot to the Jury, to Kino Moviemento, to the team of Pornfilmfestival Berlin, to their sponsors…and to Salome Balthus who doubled the prize money in the very same night(!) 💘

If you haven’t watched the movie yet: There are 4 more screenings!

Di 05.11. – 22:00 (Kino Moviemento)
Fr 08.11. – 23:15 (Kino Moviemento)
Sa 09.11. – 23:00 (Kino Moviemento)
Mo 11.11. – 23:15 (Kino Moviemento)

Protests in front of Kino Moviemento

You help us to realise the impossible. You are fucking awesome.