#SexInTimesOfCorona: A porn to raise funds for sex workers

New porn is live: SEX IN TIMES OF CORONA will sweeten your days in quarantine while filling the sex work emergency fund.

This is a collaborative work of 16 erotic film makers from Berlin (it’s not a Meow Meow project, but we also contributed to it).

Due to the crisis, we are all locked down in our flats. Together we made a short film: 11 bizarre ways to have sex- without getting too close.

The film was shot in small, separate teams to reduce the risk of infection.

And it was made for a good cause: Many sex workers won’t receive government funding during the crisis, but there is now a crowdfunded emergency fund. Help us fill it!

We provide the film – you provide the donation! 

1. Donate to  https://berufsverband-sexarbeit.de/index.php/besdemergencyfund/ 

2. Send a screenshot of your donation to CoronaSolidarityFilm@gmail.com

3. Get a download link to the film.

PS: From 50€ up you also get explicit long versions of some of the scenes and behind-the-scenes material!