Online premiere: The Sad Girls of the Mountains


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A clan of four young girls has retreated to a hut in the distant mountains to turn their backs on the world. They celebrate their own sadness as an act of resistance against patriarchy and finance their isolated existence through homemade pornography which they sell online. Excess money is donated to support Kurdish female militias in purchasing weapons. Just when everything seems to be going fine, the arrival of two gonzo reporters threatens to upset the fragile balance of this feminist micro-utopia.

“This porn mockumentary deals with the current state of feminist discourse in a brutally ironic way – which turns out to be surprisingly enjoyable.”

“Reminds of Bruce LaBruce, but much more funny.”
– Siegessäule Berlin

“A funny and debunking matter with its own gaze on panties and the world”

“It’s triggering, but in an interesting way”
– anonymous test viewer

Best Feature Film
Pornfilmfestival Berlin 2019