Online Release Today:

In April 2019, we were invited to Italy for the 48H project of Hacker Pornfilmfestival Rome.

The job: Create one badass short film within two days! So director Doxytocine wrote a story placed in Ancient Rome, where the so-called Bacchus cult threatened the wealth of the state with their infamous orgies of wine, blood and frenzy. The result is online now!

Oh, and here’s the story:

Mysterious nocturnal gatherings have been unsettling the good citizens of Rome for quite some time, stories of immoralities of all kinds are being whispered behind closed doors. While the senate tries to regain control over the events, not everyone is repelled by what they hear. BACCHANALIA follows one curious soul on their quest for the rite of the God of wine, drunkenness and ecstasy.