Experimental porn.
From Berlin with love.

Brought together by their shared interest in sex, film and politics in 2014, Meow Meow has been making porn together ever since. Working as a collective allows us to share our creative process with our friends and collaborators, while becoming more aware of the limits of our own experiences.

The project is a space for us to grow individually and artistically. In our films, we keep looking for the subversive powers of sexuality and the potential of pleasure as critique – no matter whether they are narrative or purely visual, trashy or discoursive.

We see porn as a magnifying mirror of society in general and we want to shine a light on some of the dark corners. Unwilling to compromise on any artistic ideas, Meow Meow remains non-commercial. By now, the project has streched out its tentacles into the local and international porn scene with screenings and collaborations worldwide.