Did you miss us? Some have noted that our website was down for some months. Here’s the story behind it.

Last year, we received a complaint by the public media board of Berlin-Brandenburg (MABB) that our website did not comply with the German youth protection act (JuSchG). We took the website down for some time and worked on an updated version that wouldn’t get us into trouble again. Today, we are very happy to be online again!

The most important changes:

  • We have an 18+ age verification
  • Our website is included in the youth protection program as 18+ (“JusProg”, with an age.xml file)
  • Our filthiest videos are now password-protected. Please send us a short email to get the password! (
  • We have a youth protection officer now (“Jugendschutzbeauftragter gemäß § 7 JMStV”). He is called Khalil Mikhael Zidane and you can reach him under this email adress: