HAUSBESUCH: a sick & sexy premiere @Pornfilmfestival Berlin 2017

World Premiere at Pornfilmfestival Berlin 2017! Spiralena crushed their leg while masturbating. Now, Spiralena is forced to stay in bed, together with a nasty knee orthosis called Otto Bock. It drives you crazy! Luckily, the mobile nursing service drops by and cheers Spiralena up: with a bed-pan, dried plums and aphrodisiacal injections… UPCOMING SREENINGS AT MOVIEMENTO KINO, BERLIN Berlin shorts, 25.10.2017 12:00 Berlin shorts, 28.10.2017 16:45 Fun shorts, 25.10.2017 12:00 Fun shorts, 27.10.2017 12:00 (at Spektrum) Fun shorts 29.10.2017 12:15 by *spiralena* and Theo Meow


We’re amazed to hear that our new short film project is among the for finalists for this year’s Short Film Fund by Xposed Queer Film Festival! It’s about 1000€ in cash plus another 2000€ for renting equipment. Our project is called The wandering womb (“Der wandernde Uterus”). It contains everything you always wanted to know about hysteria and vibrators but were afraid to ask. So if you like to hear about our new work-in-progress, join the public pitching session tomorrow (13/05/17) at Aquarium, Berlin! See you there…

“Tape Loop” released at Erika Lust’s store!

Our kinky one-woman short film called TAPE LOOP is finally available online! Released at Erika Lust’s store In this film, our performer “J.” receives a red envelope from an unknown sender. It contains a spooky dominant cassette tape which ends up in the flat of our performer, “J”. When she is instructed to undress, J. obeys to the orders on tape – with a glint of ecstasy in her eye.  This quite simple solo setting turns quickly into an intense show of BDSM practice, obedience and overpowering desire. Starting slowly with self-slapping, the session gets more and more rough: …

Hey, let’s build a transparent coffin
and fill it with jell-o!

This year’s very last porn shooting is one of the weirdest we’ve ever done. And one of the most challenging as well. It was fucking complicated to construct a transparent box which is stable enough to carry a human being and 100 liters of jell-o mass at the same time… But it worked out, finally – and we managed it to capture some beautiful shots. Results will be published as soon as, uhm,… well, you will see! Thanks to everyone who participated! Performers: Finn Peaks, Vivautrin Directors: Doxytocine, Theo Meow Director of Photography: Jonatan Gyllenör Makeup & Costume Design: *spiralena* …


You knew it: Asparagus was just the beginning! Roman Rivers & Dion de Rossi showed us 592 amazing new ways to make love to vegetables and fruits. And thanks to GoldenMinx & Ruckus who still managed it to have passionate sex in front of the camera after waiting for a couple of hours until we fixed all our technical issues and set up the interior design…     (with Cum Different & Fabomat Films)

After Pornfilmfestival is before Pornfilmfestival!

After-shooting “selfie” of yesterday’s hot masturbation scene ft. Finn Peaks & Liam Mercer, shot by Abdul Rufai, Katybit, and Theo Meow. Even though I caught this nasty after-PFF-sickness, it was absolutely fun shooting with you!


Up for something more rough? Our kinky one-woman piece “TAPE LOOP” will be screened during Pornfilmfestival at MIND FUCK SHORTS and LESBIAN PAIN SHORTS. We sold over 100 of our “cookies for porn” at the fleamarket Neukölln to fund this one… If you prefer it the silly way, watch “HANNA & THE KETA-BOYS” instead. It’s a weird short film about sex, drugs, asparagus, and the end of the world… See you all at Moviemento Kino in Berlin-Neukölln! “Hanna & die Keta-Boys” at BERLIN PORN SHORTS: 27.10.2016 13:15 29.10.2016 21:30 02.11.2016 20:00 “Hanna & die Keta-Boys” (+ “Bang van Band”) at …


A teenage gang on a secret mission: Be prepared for sex, drugs and asparagus! World Premiere at Pornfilmfestival Berlin in October 2016. CREW: Theo Meow, Naya Pascual, *spiralena*, Alexandra Kaleidoscopia, Doxytocine, Max, Sue CAST: Candy Flip, Angry Dude, Gray, Theo Meow Trailer Song: by ORCHESTRA HIT