Hey, let’s build a transparent coffin
and fill it with jell-o!

This year’s very last porn shooting is one of the weirdest we’ve ever done. And one of the most challenging as well. It was fucking complicated to construct a transparent box which is stable enough to carry a human being and 100 liters of jell-o mass at the same time… But it worked out, finally – and we managed it to capture some beautiful shots. Results will be published as soon as, uhm,… well, you will see!

Thanks to everyone who participated!

Performers: Finn Peaks, Vivautrin
Directors: Doxytocine, Theo Meow
Director of Photography: Jonatan Gyllenör
Makeup & Costume Design: *spiralena*
Additional Camera Work: Jo Nyx
Set design: Tatiana, Jakob, Micha. <3

PS: We used agar-agar, made out of alga, 100% vegan ;)