Hey friends,

we will come up with a new short film soon.

It got accepted at Pornfilmfestival Berlin 2018, so you need to wait until October to see it. However, here are some delicious behind-the-scenes shots for you.

You probably know already how much we are into smoke. “There is no such thing as too much smoke”, as we like to say on set. So we decided it’s time to make a short film about our passion for contemplation, frenzy and smoke rings.

French poet Charles Baudelaire was convinced: “You must always intoxicate yourself! With wine, poetry, art – as you will.” Following his command, we got naked & high – and created their very own interpretation of a smoking fetish film.

A short film by Candy Flip, Jo Pollux, Theo Meow, with camera support by Katy Bit.