performer – film maker – sex worker

After finishing university, all my fellow psychology students got a reputable job and a grounded lifestyle. I didn’t. I always wanted to be that one bad apple that spoils the whole barrel. So I dived into a world of sweat and champagne, fetish and drama, sin and misery: the Berlin porn scene!


I work as a kinky escort at HETAERA Berlin with a residency at Studio Lux Berlin and as a performer for mainstream clips. For me, sex work is not only a source of income and pleasure, but also a way to reclaim agency within a patriarchal system. Besides, I appeared in a couple of beautiful and artsy indie porn productions:

  • FLUIDØ by Shu Lea Cheang
    (where I was constantly covered in cum in my role as „Special Agent Natasha“)

  • Scotch Egg by Bruce LaBruce

  • We Are The Fucking World by Olympe de G.
    (a beautiful queer lake orgy for Erika Lust / XConfessions)

  • Hanna & die Keta-Boys by Meow Meow
    (where I played the leader of a criminal teenage gang who wants to destroy the worldwith poisoned asparagus)

  • Rise of the Pelvic Floor by Lo-Fi Cherry
    (a surreal experience with porridge on my butt and lots of tentacles)

  • Calamares by Meow Meow
    (again, even more tentacles)

  • Hätte Hätte Fahrradkette by Maike Brochaus
    (the upcoming film by the makers of „Schnick Schnack Schnuck“. Currently in post-production.)

During the last year, I also directed my first feature film for Meow Meow. It’s currently in a stage of post-production – so better keep yourself up to date!  

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