MEOW MEOW is your new source for mind-boggling erotica. We love the obscure, kinky and sometimes frightening facets of human sexuality. And we want to show it to you on screen. It’s a non-commercial project: For the sake of art and for our own pleasure. We say yes to dissolute & hedonistic lifestyle, tentacles, sex-positive feminism, instant noodles, psychedelics and BDSM. “The answer to bad porn isn’t no porn – it’s to try and make better porn”, as Annie Sprinkle said. Let’s give it a try!

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XuXu, Sue, Branco, Androgyn.X, Tuneup, Tatiana Kranz, Vivautrin, Peter Gast, Jacob, Micha, Lex Lundblom, Sophia Ines

Meow Meow is a non-commercial project. Your donation keeps us making new short films!