Vier Mädchen verstecken sich im fernen Bergland, drehen Pornos und zelebrieren ihre Depression als widerständigen Akt.
Four depressed girls hide away in the mountains and shoot porn to overcome patriarchal society.
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A teenage gang on a secret mission: Get prepared for sex, drugs & lethal asparagus!
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“You must always intoxicate yourself! With wine, poetry, art – as you will.” (Charles Baudelaire)
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Can you get high from bathing in a DIY-built transparent bathtub filled with 100 liters of vegan jelly? Genderqueer performer Finn Peaks tried it out in this wet and messy fetish ritual…


A mysterious tape containing kinky orders: How far would you go?
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Surreal short film about a girl and an octopus. Inspired by a feminist tentacle porn writing workshop provided by Lo-Fi Cherry. Just remember: You always eat the one you love.


Two superheroïnes, an invisible parrot and a van full of danger…
A film by Minus Is Valido, supported by Meow Meow.
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Sick & sexy psycho-porn by *spir@lena* who crushed her knee while masturbating.
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A hangover (ˈhæŋoʊvə) is the experience of various unpleasant physiological and psychological effects following consumption of ethanol. Some people recommend artichoke or pickled herring as an anti-hangover therapy. We prefer sex.


A tribute to the ‘liquid light shows’ of the 1960s, using a dancing human body as canvas. For the light show, we used an old overhead projector plus a variety of curved glasses, colored oils, inks and rinse aid.


“You are by far the most interesting single-serving friend I’ve ever met”. Short film about a strange encounter in the Berlin metro at night.


“This will be deducted from your share in Paradise”, he said as he handed me my portion. An erotic shortfilm for all the book-loving dopeheads out there. Loosely based on a story by Théophile Gautier.


A clip we made for the ecoporn project FuckForForest. We captured a beautiful scenery at an abandoned S-Bahn station in the middle of nowhere. Definitely the best place for amazing hippie sex.

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