Theo Meow

I’m a kinky porn filmmaker and slutty performer based in Berlin-Neukölln.

Together with Candy Flip, I founded Meow Meow in 2014 as a counterpart to my boring laptop-based dayjob. Since then, a lot of new people joined and the whole project became much more of a collective. I am convinced that post-porn works perfectly hand in hand with radical left politics and sex-positive feminism. My secret passion is to discover new obscure fetishes like for asparagus, instant noodles or agar-agar. I directed shorts like Hanna & the Keta-Boys, Tape Loop, Club des Hashischins, Calamares or Aftermath. I also supported Maria Basura’s Fuck the Fascism as a cameraboy. As a performer, I appeared in films like The Vice Box by Lucie Blush or Gang van Band by MinusIsValido, and I got naked for Jungsheft. You’re interested in collaborating with me for your next film project? You want me to sign your dick? You’re too rich and you want to become my patron? Don’t hesitate to write me! 

Facebook: @TheoMeowMeow
Twitter: @MeowTheo