performer – sex activist – stylist – energist

I am a porn lover since I was a child. With ten, I sneaked into the living room to watch sleazy “sex ed” movies in the night program on TV. But it took me until 2012 that I directly got involved with it: In the Mexican jungle, I became a part of Fuck for Forest, an activist group that wants to rescue the world’s rainforests by selling porn. Things moved on since then: Being a full-time exhibitionist, I appeared in numerous movies – everything between DIY and high-end, innocent and naughty, queer and mainstream. As a non-binary person with a passion for kink play, I love to cross gender borders, perform in drag and challenge long-established viewing habits: You won’t love my pussy* when you don’t worship my moustache.

I also have been part of many queer & porn-ish film crews. I not only create styles, but also help performers to boost their self-confidence and get in the right mood for the big moment.


  • Eis | Sie (2019)
    by Jennifer von Schuckmann (work in progress)

  • This performance was not in the programme (2018)
    by Katy Bit

  • Hausbesuch (2017)
    by *spir@lena* & Theo Meow

  • Back to Nature (2015)
    by Theo Meow

  • Fluidø (2017)
    by Shu Lea Cheang

  • L-UV-E (2017)
    by Katy Bit (Cumdifferent) & Theo Meow

  • Touch (2016) / Pristine (2017)
    by Mischa Badasyan

  • Bit player in several motion pictures, like
    Die Känguru-Chroniken by Dani Levy (2019)

Styling & Makeup

  • Hanna & the Keta-Boys (2016)
    by Theo Meow

  • Piedad (2017)
    by Naya / Minus Is Valido

  • Aspik (2017)
    by Doxytocine & Theo Meow

  • The Sad Girls of the Mountains (2019)
    by Candy Flip & Theo Meow

  • Die Köche des Uli Römmler (2016)
    by Ütz Matthias Stocklöw

  • Dixie (2017)
    by Max Kutschenreuter

Wanna connect with me? Send an E-Mail to spiralena@web.de or find me on Fetlife (Spiralena)!